by Becky Barker

May 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0253-9
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Sharla Prescott is the oldest of a set of triplets. Her sisters and she are all pilots for the family’s charter company, Prescott Air Service. Her assignment this week is to fly Reed Connors, US Marshall to different cities. This man has been a thorn in her side since he first started flying with Prescott! However she has no idea what she’s letting herself into on this trip. This charter will teach her many things – about herself and about Reed! Sharla is a strong, confident heroine who has never found a man that interested her and Reed just annoys her….but that will change on this trip.

U.S Marshall Reed Connors is a no nonsense Marshall who feels as though he’s disappointed everyone in his life and has isolated himself…..until now. He has been using their charter service for three years. He’s hesitant to use Sharla this time because of the possible danger involved in this assignment. He doesn’t know WHY he doesn’t want to get her involved…….yet but he will figure it out on this trip. Once he does figure it out, what will happen?

Can Sharla learn to live with Reed’s job? Will Reed admit his love – before or after he divulges his secret? Will they be able to work out their differences?

Born to Fly: Prescott Pilots by Becky Barker is an excellent start to a series of books with each sister getting her own story. The heat builds slowly until it becomes explosive!! Don’t hesitate to get this book – it’s a keeper!!!

Reviewed in December 2005 by PamL.

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