by Rexanne Becnel

August 2005
ISBN: 0-373-23036-2
Reviewer Graphic Button NEXT
Mass Market Paperback

Fans of the movie Thelma and Louise will want to scoop this novel by Rexanne Becnel right off the shelf. After all, what could be better than a story of three girlfriends taking a road trip back home to find old boyfriends?

Cat, M.J., and Bitsy might never have considered going home to New Orleans for a high school reunion if their present lives weren’t a complete mess. You see M.J. just buried her much older husband after he suffered a heart attack in the arms of a masseuse. M.J.’s stepchildren now want to make sure that their stepmother is left high and dry.

Poor Bitsey has spent years trying to be the perfect mother and wife while watching the years add pound after pound to her once slim body. If only her husband Frank could appreciate what a gem he married instead of taking her for granted day after day.

Then there is Cat who on the outside seems to have it all. Regardless of two bad marriages, she’s managed to stay beautiful and obtain great success as a designer. If only someone took the time to look inside her they’d see the scars she hides from the world.

After burying M.J.’s husband and contemplating what their lives might have been, they decide to take the trip home to see if they can get a glimpse into the life they might have given up.

While I found this novel in the new NEXT series by Harlequin to have a great plot I found myself getting a bit confused with all the details of the three friends lives. Both their past and present lives.

I recommend that you turn off all the distractions in the house in order to read slowly and acclimate yourself to the many characters introduced. Once you are familiar with who is who you’ll find Old Boyfriends to be an enjoyable read. It may leave you pondering your own life and wondering what has become of your old boyfriends.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Shelby.

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