by Holly Jacobs

May 2005
ISBN: 0-373-19768-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1768
Mass Market Paperback

Princess Marie Anna Parker Mickovich Dillonetti has come to the United States to get away from the pressures of her royal life. During her time in the US she has become Parker Dillon and made a home for herself in Erie, PA. With best friends Shey Carlson and Cara Phillips, Parker has financed a popular coffee shop and bookshop in the town’s famous Perry Square.

Parker’s father has hired PI Jace O’Donnell to follow her and discover just what or who is keeping her in the US. Her father wants her to return home and assume her royal duties like any good daughter should. He can’t understand why the US has such a hold on her.

As Jace juggles watching his niece and nephew while keeping an eye on Parker the two become closer and unexpected personal feelings begin to surface. When the prince Parker’s father expects her to marry arrives in town to take her home she sends her friend Shey to keep him at bay while she struggles to preserve the normal life she has created for herself in Perry Square.

In her latest visit to Perry Square in Erie PA talented author Holly Jacobs has brought royalty to this quiet east coast setting. As always Ms. Jacobs has created a cast of memorable characters that will tug at your heartstrings. Princess Parker who longs to be just the girl next door meets her prince charming in everyday hero Jace O’Donnell.

Ms. Jacobs introduces the reader to the main characters in her next two books as well as Parker’s friends and business partners Shey and Cara are scheduled to have their worlds turned upside down by royalty in the near future.

As always this trip to Perry Square proves to be highly entertaining and will leave the reader anxiously awaiting the next installment coming to bookstores in July. A trip to Perry Square with Holly Jacobs and characters is one of life’s guilty pleasures and will leave you with a warm feeling when the last page has been turned. So grab yourself a copy of Once Upon a Princess and settle in for an entertaining evening.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Barbara.

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