by Savannah Russe

June 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21564-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Vampire Daphne Urban has been recruited into a special government venture known as Project Darkwing. Daphne is enlisted into the program to work as a spy for the United States to prevent potential acts of terrorism due to her many qualifications. Though the head of her unit has a deep dislike and mistrust for her kind, Daphne decides that she is more then up for the challenge that lays before her. Her first mission though has her coming up against a very sexy stranger.

Vampire slayer Darius della Chiesa tries to discourage Daphne away from shadowing the same criminal only to be intrigued by her. Darius also tries to convince her to walk away from the organization she’s working for, but unable to do so, they instead decided to pool their resources and try to put a stop to the man they are both after. In the process they start to fall in love and things seem to be going fine until Darius discovers that Daphne is everything he thought was abhorrent. And it is unclear if Darius will be able to listen to his heart over his logic.

Beyond the Pale is a very entertaining story that will have readers hooked and looking forward to the next book in the series. The relationship that develops between Daphne and Darius is one that they both hold dear but may be put in jeopardy due to the beliefs held by Darius and the necessary actions that Daphne had to take to save his life. Savannah Russe is a fabulous writer that can hold a readers interest and will have them anticipating the next installment of this wonderful series.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Claudia.

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