by Katherine Allred

July 2005
ISBN: 1-4199-0264-4
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What is What Price Paradise? Is the title correct? Is that it? Is nothing missing? Well the title is correct, even if it does sound like there is something missing. There definitely is nothing missing from the story.

Abby has had a crush on Tate for a long time, to her it seems like forever. But she knows nothing will ever come from it. Tate is engaged and well, she is the daughter of the town whore and everyone thinks she is like her mother. Only she isnít. Abby is lonely, but she is a fighter. She has to be in order to survive, but she is also looking for someone to love and never realizes that her dream might just come true.

Tate canít believe that he didnít use protection the one and only time he made love to Abby. Sure he had been drinking but that had not stopped him before. Of course, he had broken the engagement with his fiancťe that night for the first time. He was responsible, always had been and always would be. But he was not looking out for himself he was looking out for everyone else, including his fiancťe. Who he had been taking care of in one way or another since they were children. He just didnít realize it was not his fiancťe that he wanted but Abby instead.

What does any responsible person do even if they are supposed to be engaged to marry someone else? They marry the mother of their baby. That is what Tate did. But will this marriage work out? What about the responsibilities he still feels towards his ex-fiancťe? Will that keep Abby and Tate apart?

What Price Paradise is about self-discovery with a little help from some outside sources. Can Tate do what is right? Or will he blow his marriage to Abby? Can Tate see what has been in front of him before he loses it? We see Abby grow during the story, coming out of her shell and it is delightful to see. She doesnít back down easily and she makes some tough decisions. The secondary characters added to the story enhancing it. It was wonderful to see the love blossom between Abby and Tate even though Tate didnít realize what was going on but everyone else around them did. This was the first story by Ms. Allred that Iíve read, but it will not be the last.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Pam.

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