by Elizabeth Lapthorne

May 2005
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Kyli is a newly retired mercenary. She tried, yet again, to join the Force only to be rejected once more. Upon receiving her second note of the day, this one asking her to meet some un-named friends at a bar, Kyli heads off to drink her anger away. Sitting at a quiet table, Kyli starts thinking of the two men she loved in the past. One has become her best friend, though she rarely hears from him, and the other, her true love, was too possessive and didn't want her in the Force. Tonight, one of Kyli's deepest fantasies is about to come to life and old loves are reacquainted. With her lover back in her arms, Kyli looks towards a new profession.

Merc and Her Men wasn't exactly what I had expected just from the name of the book. While this sounds like a threesome story it really isn't, other than the first time. Kyli is written as a strong, intelligent, and capable mercenary whose last "real" lover tampered with her application to the Force. However, Kyli never really proved to this reader, in actions, that she was strong (physically) or even very capable. The two men in her life are the same yet different in little ways. They are both alphas who dominated her, however, Gregor is more laid back than is Max who is more possessive and demanded she stay home like a good woman.

The action part of this story was overshadowed by what I felt was too much emotion as well as too much information with regards to their world and its traditions. As a result, I canít say I felt a real connection towards the mission Kyli and her men find themselves

embroiled in, and I found the conclusion of the mission anticlimactic. I was not drawn into this story emotionally, mentally, and sensually because there was too much, yet not enough, going on in it.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Vikky.

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