by Charlene Leonard

May 2005
ISBN: 1-933471-13-1
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Cameron thought, wished and tried to kill himself several times. This time he chained himself in a cave and just letting his body die. He was turned into a vampire by his now-deceased wife. He has nothing to live for and he doesnít want to fight the hunger anymore. His daughter, Angela, is dead, at least that is what he thinks and believes.

Elena is sent back in time to save Cameron from himself. She is special and can save him if she lets him drink her blood, which she does encourage him to do. Elena isnít sure exactly why she is letting him but she does. She just knows that Cameron is different and he still has his soul. Elena isnít sure why she was sent back other than to save Cameron and once she didnít go back to her own time, she knew there was more, except she had no idea what.

Cameron and Elena are faced with danger from almost the moment that Cameron steps out of the cave in broad daylight. Elenaís special power seems to draw creatures to her and it is up to Cameron to keep her safe.

Once Upon A Bite is full of danger that surrounds Cameron and Elena on their trip to finally bring Angela back to where she belongs with Cameron. But there is more to just bringing her home. Cameron and Elena have fallen for each other, neither one planned it or even wanted it, but it happened. What will happen to the two people that Elena loves when she goes back to her own time? Can there be a happy ending when all seems lost after fighting for their life with Slade and his followers? Only time will tell.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Pam.

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