by Amalia Ranieri

May 2005
ISBN: 1-933471-15-8
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Nora moves to a small town with her daughter to begin a new career as an author. She had left a financial magazine to try her hand at writing. To supplement her income, her previous boss arranged for her to be paid a handsome sum if she could secure an exclusive interview with financier

Christopher Warren. On meeting him, Nora is drawn to him.

There is a good suspense plot in this story and Nora puts her feelings for Christopher aside to try to unravel the mystery and gets plunged deeper into the plot.

I found that the romance was very light and until the end nothing really happened, except by the odd touch or meeting of eyes etc. For the romance purist this will be disappointing. I personally enjoyed the mystery but felt that there should have been more between the hero and heroine in the romance department.

I liked the character of Nora, she was well thought out. Too little was known of Christopher and not a lot came out until the end of the story.

He seemed to inspire such loyalty from his partner yet no real reason for this came to light it just seemed to be to create more suspects!

The main secondary character in the book was Maureen. She felt like a main character really as the whole plot centred round her. She was an excellent character, and to me the main talking point in the story. Very strong, and highly necessary to the whole story. Well thought out character.

I did enjoy the story and got engrossed in the plot, but felt the romance was rather tame! Worth a read though.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Mary.

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