by Cheryl St. John

June 2005
ISBN: 0-373-24688-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette
Mass Market Paperback

Yippee Montana Mavericks fans, there’s a new installment of the series and who better then best selling author Cheryl St. John to write it for us in Million-Dollar Makeover!

It was a modern day Cinderella story, and the Paparazzi was loving it! "Plain Jane" Lisa Martin was just another citizen of Thunder Canyon, Montana scraping a living out as a dog walker. Lisa liked to keep to herself, as her notoriety as a direct descendent of infamous saloon owner Lily Divine had made her school years in town a living Hell! Things are about to change drastically for Lisa, she is the rightful owner of the Queen of Hearts mine. The recently recovered deed for the mine shows that Lily Divine had been the last owner, making Lisa now the current! Once the media gets hold of the story, Lisa’s life spins way out of control. Drastic changes call for drastic measures and Lisa will have to undergo a complete makeover if she is to appear as a sophisticated millionaire! The transformation is astonishing, especially to Reily Douglas of the Douglases, the wealthiest family in Thunder Canyon.

Handsome, sexy Reily Douglas is under orders from his father to woo Lisa in order to gain control back of the mine they lost once the deed was found. However, one look at the new and very much improved Lisa and Reily stops seeing dollar signs and starts seeing love signs. Can he convince Lisa it is truly her he wants? Reily has his work cut out for him because Lisa may have been a frump in the looks area, but she is no slump in the brains department. Lisa is out to expose Reily for the money grubbing cad he is, that is until he starts edging his way into her heart!

You will laugh out loud at the wit and antics of Lisa Martin,the spunky heroine Cheryl St. John has crafted in Million-Dollar Makeover, and her canine companions. A cross between Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy, and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Lisa will keep you amused, and her story is wonderfully captivating complete with her own Prince Charming, Reily! A fun cute read!

Reviewed in May 2005 by Bonnie.

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