by Leslie Kelly

June 2002
ISBN: 0-373-25982-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #882
Mass Market Paperback

It's The Wrong Bed Miniseries, and with the much-loved story line of gorgeous twins causing havoc, especially on unsuspecting female hearts, one should be sure of an interesting story. But Leslie Kelly, with the fun and sexy stories she is known for…doesn’t exactly deliver in this story. Into The Fire is the best of Leslie Kelly’s books I’ve read, and can be found on my keeper shelf. Two To Tangle did initially appeal to me, but left me wanting and disappointed. Not anywhere close to what I have come to expect from her stories.

Chloe Weston, window dresser, student and responsible for supporting her mother and sister, is not interested in a relationship. That is, until she watches her barely clothed boss Troy Langtree relishing a warm Florida downpour. Lusting after him, she doesn’t ask questions when she encounters him at a resort she is staying at for a retailer conference. Spending a long night of uninhibited sex and laughter, she finds herself falling in love with this amazing man. Only to find out that he is not Troy but his twin brother Trent! Craving security and a stable lifestyle she then finds herself pursued by Trent, who unlike his brother is very much a free spirit, a risk-taker and unwilling to give her up.

The conflict didn’t satisfy me, and I didn’t feel it held the story together, leaving it in two parts - the before and after the revelation of Chloe’s lover’s real identity. I also had a problem with the heroine talking to herself; it reminded me too much of those characters in daily soaps. Ugh! It might have been in character, but it definitely is not something I’m keen on.

A recurring theme for Leslie Kelly is sex with strangers. But this time she failed to keep me interested all the way through. The scenario was too much for me, as it made me cringe too often in sympathy for Chloe’s embarrassing mixups. Then there were those misunderstandings that I found contrived and annoying; they lacked Ms. Kelly’s usual story telling talent. However, the love scenes and the tension were awesome and lots of fun to read! Those pages were burning, making me blush more than once - very sexy and definitely the stuff of fantasies. Two To Tangle did have some very funny, charming scenes with characters that in general I’d be happy to fall in love with.

So, yes, this is still a book for Leslie Kelly fans - the fans that read her for her breathtaking sizzling sexual tension and her sense of humor. For all others… wait for her upcoming release - a Blaze! The perfect format for a writer that is already stretching the boundaries of the very hot Temptation Heat line.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Kris Alice.

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