by Renee George

ISBN: 1-59596-210-7
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The Beast 2: Eat Your Heart Out tells us the story of Dr. Nathan Greer and his love Guillermo Perez. Nathan is attempting to settle down in his new life as a Vampire. Of course, Guillermo is helping make the transition a bit easier…..and well, life in general! Nathan never expected, never dreamed that a man would ever be sleeping in his bed and here is Gui, doing just that and more!

The bodies of Vampires start turning up in the city with their throats and chests ripped open, larynx and heart missing! Who is killing these Vampires - a rouge group of Vamps or someone with a more insidious plot? Gui discovers that one of the Vamps murdered was from his club – the plaything of one of his playthings. He had been neglecting his club in order to spend time with Nathan. Now he must find out who is doing this killing and get it stopped! There turns out to be a lot more going on in Gui’s club than he ever suspects and in finding the culprits, he nearly looses Nathan in the process.

Renee George does an excellent job telling this action-packed, super hot story! While this is the second book in the series, I don’t feel like I missed much! However, she does enough explaining that I had no problem following the characters. I do know I have to go and get the first one and read it, plus make sure I pick up any others by Ms. George! This author is one to watch out for!

Reviewed in January 2006 by PamL.

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