by Lauren Dane

May 2005
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Amelia “Lee” Charvez is the most powerful witch to be born into the Charvez line in generations. She is a witch dreamer, able to work magic in dreams and the subconscious, and to walk in them. When an ancient evil rises, Lee is forced to step into the role she was born to fill in a hurry. However, Lee’s destiny is only just unfolding; all has yet to be revealed.

One day she quite literally walks into the man of her dreams, Aidan Bell, outside their apartment building. He is a three-hundred-year-old vampire whose fallen angel appeal instantly draws Lee to him. For Aidan, he recognizes in Lee all that he has been searching for; she is his soul mate. Their passionate relationship is further enhanced by the addition of powerful wizard Alex Carter, Aidan’s best friend. Before the three lovers can relax and enjoy the pleasures of their relationship fully they will have to combine their powers to destroy the demon that wants to corrupt Lee’s power, annihilate her family and make her his bride.

A spectacular debut for author Lauren Dane! Triad weaves a spell on you right from the start with its vivid detail and dynamic characters. You can almost feel the moist heat of New Orleans seeping into your soul. Stay tuned for more from this talented author and the Charvez witches.


Reviewed in June 2005 by Cynthia.

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