by Nancy Warren

June 2002
ISBN: 0-373-44144-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #78
Mass Market Paperback

Everyone loves a clown! And how true that is proves Nancy Warren’s charming, funny and very sexy Shotgun Nanny, an “opposites attract” themed romantic comedy.

The superb opening chapter tells the hilarious first encounter of one Annie Parker, a clown by profession, and one Mark Saunders, an ex-Mountie. Not only does Ms Warren’s heroine, Annie, emulate stars of the Hollywood Golden Era, but Ms Warren also manages to create a love story very much an equal to my favorite comedies of that era.

I’m a traveler at heart and can so empathize with the heroine, when, in order to finance her upcoming trip to Asia, she agrees to take on the job of a temporary nanny to Mark’s orphaned niece. Job requirements are not only stay-ing in the same house as the very sexy Mark and his shy niece, but also getting a grip on the house’s elaborate security system. A code to enter the house, a code to exit the house – seriously, how is a woman to remember all those numbers? But that is not all! A fake dog, a tracking device and then finally the real thing, a police trained guard dog. However, with a free spirit like Annie it doesn’t come as a big surprise when dog, niece and Mark fall under her spell.

Shotgun Nanny is a splendid romantic comedy. With a small cast and no big mystery, no big misunderstanding, it concentrates on being a very straight-forward character driven story of two people falling in love with each other. Pro-viding hope to each other in the fulfillment of their wishes - all with a twinkle in their eyes and jokes told over dinner. It sure had me laughing out loud - on the floor with tears in my eyes. Yet is also had me charmed with characters that ini-tially make an unlikely couple only to end up complimenting each other in their goals and dreams.

And where Annie takes her inspiration from film noir femme fatales, I con-stantly felt myself reminded of Donald O’Connor performing “Make Em Laugh” in “Singing In The Rain”:

“Make em laugh,

Don’t you know everyone wants to laugh,

My grandpa said go out and tell a joke,

But give it plenty of hope!”

Reviewed in May 2002 by Kris Alice.

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