by Isabo Kelly

2000 Reissue
ISBN: 1-55316-265-7
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The Promise Of Kierna’Rhoan delivers. In this book, Isabo Kelly gifts readers with a delightful array of interesting characters and an intriguing plot. From chapter one, The Promise of Kierna’Rhoan screams sequel as you know there’s no way you’ll get enough of Ms. Kelly’s world in one read.

Kira Farseeker has changed drastically from the debutante she used to be. When we’re introduced to her, she’s a tough woman bent on doing the right thing, even if it means sidestepping the corrupt military officials of her world.

The planet Narava has been settled for generations, but in doing so humans invaded an already inhabited planet. And as humans are wont to do, they took over. Now the original inhabitants, the Shifters, are considered little more than prey to be hunted and killed or captured. But Kira isn’t prepared to let that happen and she’s willing to put her life on the line to make sure that at least some of the Shifters, intelligent beings with the ability to “shift” into animate and inanimate objects or beings, are spared. Kira has the knowledge and the funds to help the Shifters escape to safety off the planet.

Officer David Cario is a double threat to Kira, not only is he a good looking, intelligent man just when she doesn’t need entanglements but he works for her ex-husband. A man who would do anything to wipe out the shifter population and even more to have Kira back in his control. Just days before she’s set to leave Narava for good, Kira just doesn’t have time to deal with David or her ex-husband for that matter.

I enjoyed learning Kira’s story from jump street, it just got better and better as David, Kira’s colleagues and the shifters were introduced. When initially introduced, David captured my attention and it was obvious he’d be good for Kira. Although in all honesty it would have been just as good for me had she ended up with Raf, the pilot who aided Kira and her troops in getting off Narava. Now there’s a guy with some oompf! Nevertheless, David was a good, solid character that worked.

It’s not every author who can take science fiction and romance and blend them well. But Isabo Kelly has more than once proven that she has the ability to do just that. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel to The Promise of Kierna’Rhoan, as well as the next book in the series, which features Raf and whoever his lady love ends up being.

Reviewed in May 2002 by JaToya.

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