by Betina Krahn

July 2005
ISBN: 0-515-13872-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Abigail Merchant was exactly where she had planned and worked for years to be, at the British Museum. It was a manís world, a fact her co-workers took pains to make clear, but Abigail didnít care. She would show them the spirit of an American woman. A woman graduate, no less.

Abigail may not be content working in the basement where they put her to work. After all, sheíd come all the way from New York to be at the prestigious establishment. But she would do her job and do it well. Of that Abigail was determined until she was nearly hit over the head with opportunity. There was plenty of time to be sensible. Now was the time to embark on the quest of a lifetime.

Apollo Smith was on board the same freighter but not to play nursemaid. He didnít have the time or the patience to save Abigail from her own naivete and pride. He had enough to deal with just keeping himself from getting captured and killed. Apollo would have been able to stick with that plan had he not witnessed Abigailís first run in with trouble Ė which happened to be the minute the ship docked. Before he knows it Apollo is guide and protector on Abigailís grand adventure.

The librarian in Abigail could not resist the treasure sheíd found in the basement, or rather, the keys to a treasure. She was in search of books in the Great Library of Alexandria. From America to England to Egypt, Abigail Merchant begins a quest for wisdom and comes away with so much more. With the man of her dreams, a new family, and secrets every woman would love to know, Abigail has everything.

Betina Krahnís newest release is a readerís seventh heaven. The vivid imagery of each scene is graced with unforgettable characters and a treasure of a plot. As always Ms. Krahn has packed her novel with all the elements her readers have come to expect from her: an intelligent heroine, wit, talent, and a love story that leaves you breathless. If you can buy only one book this summer choose The Book of the Seven Delights by Betina Krahn.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Rho.

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