by Karen Young

March 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-6829-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Valerie Olivier-Long has just been promoted to editor-in-chief at Panache and it was no easy ride. She worked herself up the ladder for eight years, including sacrificing her marriage and it has finally paid off. But someone else knows the secret that she carries since she was fifteen and a runaway… and harasses her with mysterious phone calls, notes – even going so far as killing people she loves.

To say a lot more than that would be ruining the anticipation for the reader. Someone Knows is a taut thriller, filled with tension and excitement. Then there’s Jordan Case, her boss, with whom she has somewhat of a past with; from the moment Jordan and Valerie meet casually in the story, one would know something was up – and the romantic tension and anticipation is just as good as the mystery plot.

Valerie is first and foremost independent. She didn’t always lead the charmed life – she’s always aware of that fact and never takes it for granted. But it is a bit disappointing that not once in the story was it mentioned that she gave anything back – to charity, to her community, etc – that would have given a hint of her past. Nevertheless, Valerie is a good person with a few good friends at work that she considers family. Only Jordan Case, however, can turn her otherwise placid emotions inside out. Okay, so he’s handsome and oozes of charm when he wants to – but she knows first hand how arrogant and boorish he is! So, what is it again that makes her go a-twitter when she sees him?

Ever since their children got involved with each other, Jordan has always put the wrong foot forward around Valerie. He knows his overbearing act at the time of their children’s crisis stemmed more from his past experience than any hostility against Valerie or her daughter, Sara. But Valerie, unaware of Jordan’s reasons, has carried a grudge against him – a grudge that Jordan hopes to chip away as they work together.

Jordan is absolutely adorable!! Some gals may not like overbearing men, but when love is the overwhelming reason for their sometimes unbearable actions, it makes a woman (me!) forgive all. It’s positively endearing to see a man in the throes of what he thinks is unrequited lust, and a host of other confusing deeper emotions. Add to that Valerie’s well-being against a dangerous stalker that is killing people around her, Jordan is absolutely going insane! (Sigh.)

Despite the first-rate romance, the mystery is what kept me up all night. Who is the stalker? The clues are there but Ms. Young’s skills as a mystery writer keeps one on its toes. The reader can feel Valerie’s fear and confusion as an unknown person attacks her home, people she loves – her life! And as she tries to discover her tormentor, she must go back to her past where it all started.

Karen Young’s Someone Knows is a super romantic mystery read – it’s engrossing, thrilling and sexy. Need I say that it’s very highly recommended?

Reviewed in May 2002 by Veronica.

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