by Emilie Richards

July 2004
ISBN: 0778320634
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Helen Henry has spent her entire life in the same house nestled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. After being widowed shortly after her honeymoon, she struggled to raise her daughter alone. If the lean years taught her anything, it was to be independent and to do things her own way.

Nancy, Helen’s daughter, couldn’t wait to grow up and outgrow her hometown. She never would have guessed that the answer to her prayers would end up finding her along side of the road selling vegetables or that she’d end up tossing an over ripe tomato at him. From that moment on, life would never be the same for the girl who had always dreamed of someone sweeping her off her feet. It wasn’t quite the way she expected to turn her life around, but before she knew it, she was part of one of Richmond’s most elite families and raising a daughter of her own.

Nancy’s daughter Tessa seemed to have the perfect courtship and marriage, which resulted in a beautiful daughter. However life often throws us curves we aren’t expecting, and Tessa is left as only a shell of the woman she once was.

Nancy and Tessa have decided to spend the summer cleaning up the home place; they hope to convince Helen that she should sell the house and move into a rest home. They knew they probably wouldn’t be greeted with open arms, but they certainly didn't expect Helen to lock them out of the house and leave them in the sun to melt.

Once the doors are reluctantly opened, mother and daughter are in for a huge surprise as they realize the house is overflowing with what only Helen could refer to as treasures. In the women’s quest to create some order out of the chaos, they discover not only dozens of handmade quilts but also an unfinished wedding ring quilt that will bring back memories for everyone involved.

As each woman’s story is unfolded, the stories seem to merge into one and before long, each woman realizes what the true meaning of family is.

Emilie Richards’s first hardback release is well worth every penny spent on it. I closed the final page feeling that if writing was an art form, then Ms. Richards had created a masterpiece. Each word in this story touched my heart and held me glued to the pages. I can only count the days until the next book in this trilogy Endless Chain hits the shelves.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Shelby.

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