by Shanna Swendson

June 2005
ISBN: 0-345-48125-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Trade Paperback

When Katie Chandler moved to The Big Apple from rural Texas, she expected things to be pretty different. She had no idea.

She had heard that it took a lot to shock the cynical denizens of New York City, but shouldn’t fairies and elves do the trick? She even spotted a gargoyle atop a nearby building, but he wasn’t part of the architecture! Stuck in a hellish admin job with a real monster of a boss, Katie relies on her roommates to keep her sane, even if it means boring blind dates.

After a particularly strange day, Katie receives an unusual email, telling her of a new job opportunity. She deletes the spam, but the darned thing keeps coming back. Since her boss is in rare form, Katie figures “what the heck” and replies, wondering what sort of business MSI, Inc., could be. She will definitely need to keep an open mind.

Magic, Spells and Illusions, Inc., is no ordinary business. Existing in the human world, magical beings have special needs. MSI fills those needs with foolproof spells and other magic that has been thoroughly tested to be sure that no harm can befall the user or target. Ancient texts are analyzed and revised for modern application. There are drawbacks to being magical, however, and MSI has a great need for “immunes” - rare humans who have no trace of magic in their blood. Only immune humans can truly see the world without glamor, contracts without hidden clauses, and other aspects of MSI’s business dealings. Katie is just this sort of human, and MSI desperately needs her help.

From the moment that you pick up Enchanted, Inc., you know that you will have fun. With little slogans like “Hex and the City” and “Don’t Mess with Hexes”, the cover is a dead giveaway. Author Shanna Swendson has created a marvelous world populated with the most interesting people. The premise that magical people have issues in modern civilization is fresh and entertaining. Katie is an endearing heroine, eager to please but no pushover. Anyone who has ever worked in an office can relate to her situation. The supporting characters are well drawn, with layers to explore. Fans of both chick-lit and paranormal romance should definitely add this book to the TBB list. I will be eagerly awaiting the sequel.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Paula.

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