by Shannon Greenland

June 2005
ISBN: 1-59080-415-5
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Trade Paperback

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This deserves more than 5 roses if possible! What a brilliant story!

Shannon Greenland handles her characters and the horrific subject of mental cruelty and abuse to a child with great sensitivity and skill. She pulls no punches and the reader feels the pain of the child that Laura was and the pain she still suffers as an adult.

Will is a very sensitive young man who slowly wins Lauraís trust. Their growing love for each other is well handled. Will has to hold his feelings in so as not to scare Laura away and the reader will admire his gentleness and the way he keeps his frustrations under control as he is very much a red blooded male with many temptations put his way from groupies who follow rock bands.

Laura is a young woman the reader will admire greatly. She has so many demons to conquer and a past to escape although she is always afraid that it will reach out and haul her back. Trust is not something she does easily. How sensitively the author handles her making her a living breathing person.

I have not read anything by Shannon Greenland before but after reading Laura's Secrets I know she has to be a great author. Her skill at creating her characters and the structure of the story as if unfolds is brilliant.

Laura's Secrets is a book I canít recommend highly enough. Go out and buy it you will have a brilliant read that will stay with you a very long time.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Mary.

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