by Katherine Garbera

May 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51357-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #43
Mass Market Paperback

Dr. Jane Miller is into viruses. She hunts them and tries to find the cause and an anti-virus for them. It seems her father has sent her one from the Amazon that she is having a hard time with. The stakes are higher this time because he is infected with this virus. Now it is up to her to try to find out what it is and to help him.

Jane sets off to the Amazon to find the tribe her father is staying with and to carry the anti-virus with her. She has a problem though, she is on her own, her job did not provide any help to her whatsoever. So she meets up with Mac and he is supposed to help her get to her father. He is pretty well known in the virus community and a renegade as well.

The path to the Amazon tribe is filled with mistrust, being hunted and an attraction between Jane and Mac. The journey begins even before it is supposed to as accidents start to happen from the time they get on the plane. Can Jane make it to her father in time before the anti-virus is no longer good? Just who is trying to stop her from reaching her destination?

Once she reaches the tribe will she be allowed to help them? Only time will tell. The chief sees something in Jane that she doesnít even know. Will she find the strength she needs to deal with virus that is rampaging through the tribe?

The tension between Jane and Mac is not only sexual but filled with mistrust. They are wary of the other and not sure just what is going on with them. There are too many things that are happening for them to trust each other completely.

It seems there is some deception all around Jane from her office in Atlanta to the jungles of the Amazon. The Amazon Strain is a story of trust in oneself and having to put your trust in someone you donít know personally but have only read about and about how much you should trust the ones around you. They might not have your best interest or anyone elseís; they are out for the glory no matter the cost.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Pam.

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