by Ginny McBlain

1996 Reissue
ISBN: 01-58749-142-7
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Gray Townsend has been in a car accident and has been told that he won’t walk again. To make matters worse, Amanda, his fiancee was in the car with him and lost the baby that she was carrying. He ends their relationship, thinking it in her best interest. Now fifteen years have passed and Amanda has married - and divorced - and has a little girl, Hilary, with a heart condition.

Because of her ex-husband's poor insurance policy, Amanda only has two options when it comes to who operates on her baby. One is Gray, her ex-fiance.

After a long, drawn out surgery to repair little Hilary’s heart, Amanda goes home, thinking that she’ll only have to see Gray during check-ups until her daughter is healed completely. However, the week that she’s supposed to have an appointment, she gets caught in a snowstorm and ends up at Gray’s house. It is then that their relationship blooms again.

The ending was very good, the resolution involving Gray’s father, who had been against Amanda because of her lack of social status.

What I didn’t like about the story was how Amanda kept thinking of herself as a victim, when her family had helped her on numerous occasions. I also didn’t like that Gray couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted to start another relationship with Amanda or not.

The redeeming part of the book was near the end when the dispute between Amanda and Spencer Townsend, Gray’s controlling, verbally abusive, father was finally resolved.

While I did not like this particular book, the author's style is compelling enough to warrant reading her other titles.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Lucy.

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