by Alesia Holliday

July 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20405-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

We’ve always heard the saying that “nice girls finish last”, well in this story that isn’t quite true. Kirby is the friend of Jules that we met in American Idle. This is Kirby’s story and also we get an extra bonus of her executive assistant Brianna.

We already know that Kirby can be hard-nosed and doesn’t back down from anything. But just how far will that hard-nose attitude take her and what about being just a little nice to her co-workers and her own staff? Well, it seems that her boss Banning Stuart double dog dares her into a bet. The bet, in order for her to go to Italy and keep her job, she must have someone say she is nice. Can she do it?

Brianna on the other hand is nice and doesn’t stand up to hardly anyone. She wants to change all that and she knows just the person to help her, Kirby. She figures she can help Kirby win the bet and she can learn how to be not nice all the time from Kirby. Can these two work together and become friends and rub off on one another, one being not so nice anymore and one trying to be nice? Only time will tell.

It seems there are other forces at work here, as Kirby has a stalker, Daniel-the-rat-bastard, isn’t taking no for an answer. She is starting to have feelings for her boss, well, she has had them for a while, but will do nothing about them, and she will not date the boss. Now Brianna on the other hand, has her hands quite full, with a fiancé, an opera teacher, and of course a co-worker that she is starting to like as well and knows she shouldn’t since she is engaged, and an opera audition in a short few weeks.

We get to hear what Kirby and Brianna are thinking but not anyone else. Believe me those two are enough. They are comical but also it is a little sad at what they think about themselves and how they beat themselves up. They try to do what is best for others and not quite for themselves. It takes some eye opening moments for each of them to realize their own problems and how to begin to make them better or at least to learn to live with them and make them not a problem so much anymore.

The title is very fitting as it seems that sometimes nice girls do sometimes finish first. They, Kirby and Brianna, both have dreams and they don’t want anyone to stand in their way. The bet between Banning and Kirby and the feelings between the two, well, just read the story to find out what happens. The road these two travel to get to the end of what they need and or want is not smooth in the least. There are bumps, a few pot-holes and a couple of twists. If you want to read a book that has nice girls finishing first then pick up a copy of Nice Girls Finish First.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Pam.

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