by Shane Bolks

May 2005
ISBN: 0-06-077310-3
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Trade Paperback

Seeing "Star Wars" at age seven was a pivotal event in Rory Egglehoff's life. The philosophy behind this and other early movies in the series has ruled her life ever since. Of course, her life as a "Star Wars" geek has tended to attract nerds rather than the Jedi knight of Rory's dreams.

As Rory's fifteen-year high school reunion nears, she seems destined to face her former classmates with "Tedious Tom", her current boyfriend. When Hunter Chase, Rory's hunky high school crush starts working in the next office, Rory is both attracted all over again and scared out of her wits. Could Hunter ever care about her or is it best to stay with Tom, who seems to be a sure thing and is not put off by Rory's unconventional family?

Rory is a heroine who is shown "warts and all". She is a "nice girl", but reveals her sometimes selfish and very conflicted side. Like many of us, she does not always see and appreciate the constant and unconditional love of friends and family. Hunter seems to be a "golden boy" who had it all in high school. Both Rory and the reader learn that popularity does not always bring happiness and sometimes the simple things in life bring the most joy. Hunter is an engaging hero who is willing to let down his guard and show his vulnerability. When compared to the office flirt, Hunter shows that macho is not what a woman wants.

Ms. Bolks' use of "Star Wars" metaphors and humor that borders on slapstick make this novel more than the usual "chick-lit" fare. The author's insights into love, friendship and family provide a poignant and entertaining experience.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Roberta.

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