by MaryJanice Davidson

October 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20816-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Once again we are able to get our Betsy and Sinclair fix in Undead and Unreturnable. With each book we learn more about this mix of characters, both living and undead. It seems this time we have in the mix some ghosts that are pretty pushy about wanting to get their way. Of course, we canít forgot the evil stepmother Ant and her devil half-sister Laura.

It seems that things are not going so well in the rule of Betsy as Queen of the Vampires. She just doesnít know of all the problems that are taking place but it seems our gorgeous Sinclair does. Of course, being the Queen isnít what she wanted to do either, but oh well. It happened, but can the aftermath of Betsy and Sinclair in the pool happen again. There is so much sexual tension between the two of them; Iím surprise the whole house hasnít burned down around them. Who knows maybe one day, it might not burn, but get damaged severely.

There is a killer on the loose and one particular victim of the killer has come to haunt Betsy. Can she find the killer in time before she kills the ghost? The question is can she stay out of danger long enough to find the killer. Never fear she has her devil spawn sister Laura with her. But will Sinclair come to the rescue at the last minute?

It is Christmas time and Betsy wants to decorate the house, but it seems that other vampires just canít handle it. So gets a little ingenious on the decoration and just how far to push them. Even Laura likes Christmas and is willing to go shopping with Betsy when no one else will.

It seems with each new book we have a few more vampires make their appearance known to Betsy and her household of mixed roommates. Oh we canít forget about the fiend that lives in the basement. We get to see more of him and just how much he is coming around, even if he isnít talking yet.

I canít wait to read more of Betsy and Sinclair and this crazy mixed-up household. It is still true to style of MaryJanice Davidson, she still give us plenty of laugh out loud moments. And sometimes wondering just what in the heck is Betsy up to now. Iím interested in just what is going on with Laura. I canít wait for the next installment of Undead.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Pam.

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