by Keri Arthur

December 2001
ISBN: 1-893-89671-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Someone evil is hunting for its victims on the Internet in the second installment of Michael Kelly and Nikki James's story. A superb series of paranormal romance thrillers that has me spellbound and once more enthusiastic for everything and everyone sporting fangs. Hearts In Darkness is a welcome return to a world of the hard-to-believe and its occupants. So sit down, lean back. Comfy yet? Good. Turn down the lights, lock the doors, and unplug the phone for a night of skin crawling terror, heart-wrenching love and burning desire.

When, in a ski-resort for the very rich, people start to disappear, it's enough to raise questions. When some of them return only to be seen during nighttime hours, it becomes a case for Michael Kelly - a dark, dangerous and very protective vampire, a hunter of the supernatural evil. A missing teenager and the presence of old evil are what draw Nikki James once more into a case where everything is possible. Nikki is a private investigator, a strong woman in no need for a protector, a woman with supernatural talents. But Nikki's powers are changing. And this case is testing her limits, throwing her in the way of amiable as well as hostile beings. And into the arms of the man she loves, Michael. Bound together by more than just a very strong sexual attraction, they kept apart out of choice, only to be now thrown together out of necessity.

It might have taken longer for the sexual tension and the danger to build and to take hold, as I was aware of the characters'abilities and limitations from Dancing With The Devil, but once they did, it hit me hard. Goosebumps, erratic heartbeats and cold/hot shivers were constant companions throughout my reading hours. Whereas Dancing With The Devil was seriously scary, I didn't know the characters' full strengths yet, the second book in the series, Hearts In Darkness, lost that surprise effect and uncertainty. It still made me jump but this time I didn't hide under blankets but eagerly turned the pages to read what else Keri Arthur had in store for her characters. Great fun! And where Dancing With The Devil was horror,Hearts In Darkness goes further. It's fantasy. No need to pretend to believe in any of this. So relax and enjoy. Be taken on a fast-paced ride through a world disturbingly familiar and unreal at the same time. It's worth it! But as it is the second in an ongoing series make sure to read Dancing With The Devil first. I dare you!

Reviewed in May 2002 by Kris Alice.

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