by Laraine Anne Barker

September 2005
ISBN: 1-58749-517-1
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When she woke in a strange bed and a man told her she was his wife and that she was named Rebecca, she had to accept it, as she could remember nothing after a car accident. The man, Raoul, was very attractive and she was drawn to him.

The subject of amnesia is dealt with in this story and manages to portray the fear and dependency on another person that takes over your life, as you have no concept of who you are. It must be a very frightening situation and the author captures this well.

This is no simple story of a lost memory and a wonderful husband caring for his wife. There is a dark past looming on the horizon and a startling revelation to come as well as danger and more fear.

Romance is hot and passionate when Rebecca and Raoul get close. There is definitely a strong sexual attraction between them.

The characterization is very good and one can feel Rebecca’s loneliness and fear at not knowing who she is. Raoul is a dark and brooding type with secrets of his own but has a tenderness that comes through unexpectedly at times.

It is a short story more like a novella with only 116 pages but the author crams a lot into it and the tension is excellent. Very much a book to read in one sitting as the reader won’t want to put it down.

Laraine Anne Barker is definitely a name to watch out for a she writes an exciting story. She makes her characters interesting and enjoyable. Her plot is fast moving and tightly plotted. I really enjoyed this one.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Mary.

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