by Kate Hill

May 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-525-5
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When Wyborn agreed to take Raynorís widow as his bride, he doesnít get the docile wife he expects but the attraction is instant.

Wyborn is a Norse warrior and when he realizes Marion is a strong woman and promises her a sword as a wedding gift!

Marion has no intention of giving in to her husband on her wedding night, she may have been handed over in marriage with no say in the decision, but she fought her lord and master like a wildcat when she thought he was going back on his word to give her time to get used to him!

The sexual chemistry between this warring couple is brilliant. Marion is such a plucky heroine and Wyborn is used to women falling at his feet so to speak. They make a fascinating couple. Marionís has a fiery temper, which leads to some passionate scenes between her and Wyborn.

In every good historical romance there is usually a bad enemy and this one is no exception with the evil Bodin fitting the bill nicely. He lusts after Marion and wants Wyborn dead so he can fill his shoes and his bed. But Wyborn isnít about to give up his new bride and his holdings.

Katie Hill writes a good passionate love story with plenty of feuding and drama as fits a good historical. This book will keep the reader hooked until the last page, no problem. Great plot and plenty of hot romance, all that a good romance book should be. Treat yourself to this book or add it to your Christmas wish list, you wonít be disappointed.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Mary.

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