by Nichole Ash

May 2005
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Ten years ago, Carn and his son Teon were hunting for a savage wolf that has killed livestock and a girl from the village. On this fateful night, Teon would learn the old tales of werewolves are true. While Teon goes ahead of his father to hunt the wolf, he hears his fatherís screams. A big black wolf is mauling his father and Teon attacks the wolf with a vengeance! Teon manages to slash the wolf and gets him to flee, but it is too late for Teonís father. Carn tells Teon he must kill him to save himself, for Carn is now changing into a werewolf. With a breaking heart Teon takes his fatherís life.

Ten years later, Teon still has been unable to find and kill the wolf. All this could change with the sudden appearance of a lovely female who knocks on Teon's door, then promptly faints. Who is this lone woman out late at night, and why did she knock on Teonís door out in the middle of nowhere?

The Wolf Tamer, is a short story, by Nicole Ash. This is a clever quick read to while away an evening or just relax with. The premise is unique and freshly contrived. This reader would like to have seen the storyline blend and pull together to create smoother transitions through the sequences of events in this tale. The story could have used a touch more polish concerning the dialogue between the characters and or their thought sequences. This reader never quite connected to the story, but it did entertain her enough to keep the pages turning! Ms. Ash has great writing potential and this reader hopes to read more of her work in the future.

Teon is a man with a heavy heart and a mission unfulfilled. Upon returning home, he is left with an emptiness that he knows not how to fill. Kali is looking toward Teon as her last hope. The attraction between Teon and Kali is like a live wire running along your nerve endings, hot and electrifying! Kali truly thinks she has found the one person who can help her, only her secret could destroy them both!

If you are looking for quick read that will take you away from it all, then get your copy of The Wolf Tamer by Nicole Ash today!

Reviewed in August 2005 by Janalee.

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