by Keri Arthur

March 2001
ISBN: 1-893896-59-5
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Mass Market Paperback

In a story of good against evil with one tough cookie caught in the middle, I found myself in a grown-up version of a Buffy episode. And I mean this to be a compliment! Dancing with The Devil is a story about the supernatural, and not only vampires. It's intense, real - well sort of , and so believable I was scared, fascinated and definitely enthralled. All that by a story of a genre that I had given up on.

Nikki James, a private investigator, is on a new case. A troubled teenager needs to be followed and rescued. But evil is waiting! The unlikely protector comes in the shape of Michael Kelly. Michael is a hunter. He is powerful, a vampire and hunting his own kind. He is a loner, very controlled and unwilling to give that up for anyone. But Nikki isn't just anyone. She is strong. She might be human but she proves to be his match in her psychic powers. Not (yet) an equal but definitely a challenge and turning out very handy as a partner against zombies and a very old enemy. And then of course there is that very explosive sexual tension happening!

Dancing With The Devilis scary as hell, not for its gory details but for the extremely passionate and very often threatening atmosphere so aptly created by Keri Arthur. I was kept on my toes with fear and was intrigued by how willing I was to accept the characters' supernatural abilities as given and normal. Still, I advise to read this book not in the middle of the night like I did. The consequences would be a stiff neck from looking over your shoulder, a nervous twitch from jumping at every noise and maybe a lack of sleep from those hot feelings.

As I felt completely and utterly mesmerized by the story and its author's voice - a voice that is straight to the point, leaving me with no chance of an escape - I can only highly recommend it! I fell in love, cried, laughed, and I ended up heaving a big sigh of longing for its happy ending. Add to that some great secondary characters and you have a very entertaining read. Maybe not enough of a romance to some... but I felt it managed the balance just fine. Thank you Keri Arthur for reintroducing me to the vampire novel genre. I can't wait for the continuation of Michael and Nikki's story.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Kris Alice.

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