by Tiffany Aaron

May 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-118-8
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Dominic LaFontaine has been best friends with Teresa Ryder for several years, but it is only after returning to New Orleans after a trip to Las Vegas that Dominic realizes feelings for her have become more than friendship.

When Dominic sees Teresa out on a date with Vincent Delacourte, Dominic senses something wrong with Vincent that is more than jealousy. Vincent has more than romance on his mind. He wants to buy Teresa's bookstore, among other things.

Dominic owns a club called "Fallen Angel". Most people don't realize how apropos the name is and that Dominic is truly a fallen angel. Dominic joined Lucifer's side in the rebellion against God. Dominic has lived many centuries separated from God and despaired of his decision. As a way of trying to redeem himself, Dominic joined with other Fallen Angels to become an Enforcer. The Enforcers find and get rid of the Fallen who have turned evil and prey on mortals.

This most recent of Ms. Aaron's Fallen series seamlessly weaves background information into the plot and this book stands well on its own. Of course, readers will want to read and enjoy the whole series. The setting of New Orleans lends a steamy undertone to a tale that combines the spirituality, vodou and erotic that seem to personify the "Big Easy".

The chemistry between Dominic and Teresa sizzles then bursts into flame in spicy love scenes. Although the story is deemed erotica, there is a great deal of tenderness and love that is sure to satisfy any romance reader.

Ms. Aaron proves once again that she is a rising star in the romance field and could succeed in any genre.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Roberta.

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