by Meg Harris

May 2005
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The Zytellions is a planet ruled by women, and one woman, Tiryl, rules them all. They want to conquer as many planets as they can, especially those with men in a leadership role. The Zytellions believe men are just play toys to be taken out when they want to be satisfied. The problem is men are attracted to them no matter what; they produce a pheromone that makes men want to please them sexually. But that is it, they canít think of anything else while in the same room or vicinity as a Zytellion.

Tiryl is after the planet Terra. Prince Barrak has been sent to talk with Tiryl. Tiryl may have agreed to talk, but that is not what she planned. The prince's ship is captured and while the men are held prisoner, the women are given luxury and have every wish fulfilled. The prince is singled out to serve Tiryl herself.

Prince Barrak was not happy in the least of the turn of events and even less happy about the way he reacts whenever Tiryl entered the room. He was already attracted to her but with her pheromones he didnít stand a chance even though he did put up a fight to resist her. It was a verbal fight since he was shackled to the bed while she was in the room.

Can he breakthrough to her that men are not just play toys but they have a mind of their own and a will of their own? That is the real question of the story. Not just the attraction between these two opposite people with different beliefs. It all comes down to can she see and believe that men are equal to women.

Imprisoned Prince by Meg Harris is a fairly quick read. She offers up a story of finding love when one least expects it as well as some pretty steamy scenes between Tiryl and Barrack. Yes, they were attracted to one another and the pheromones had little to do with that. I had a problem near the ending of the story, I canít really say too much without giving the story away but it was too fast for me. I do understand that sometimes the length of the story may impact the way the ending is wrapped up.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Pam.

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