by Charlene Teglia, Jan Springer, Shiloh Walker, Tielle St. Clare, Margaret Carter, Jaci Burton

June 2005
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Elloraís Caveman: Legendary Tails 2 is an amazing anthology filled with so much heat and emotional turmoil in its stories that it almost self combusts. Being a lover of erotic romance, I have to say that I loved this anthology. The stories are well written and filled with so much mystery and danger that the reader will not be able to stop reading once they start.

Love Spell by Charlene Teglia introduces readers to a witch that believes she is inept at almost every form of magick and the one man that she would give anything for if he would only treat her as something more than a friend. Lucy Wilson has finally given up on Mitch Davis, the man that makes her burn hotter than any fire imagined. He wonít do anything to her - no kisses, no lingering caresses, nothing! Lucy does the only thing that she can; she breaks it off with him and tells him exactly why. Mitch has been trying his hardest to control the raging desire that runs through him with Lucy around. However, with Lucyís showdown in the restaurant all bets are now off. He doesnít have to worry that the strength of his feelings will have Lucy running from him. All bets are now off, and the pirate is now ready to take his prize.

Emma McCall is finally giving in to her desires in Jan Springerís Club Rendezvous. An abusive ex-husband forced Emma into a sexually repressed mold, but she is tired of being alone and wants one night of no strings attached sex, and Logan Masters was just the person to assist her with her endeavor for the evening. Logan always wanted Emma, but she was off-limits because of her husband. Now the husband is out of the picture and Emma is out of her shell. It is finally Loganís chance to show her that he is the right man to help her along the road of sexual awakening.

Shiloh Walkerís Freak of Nature delves into the lives of ZoŽ and Micah. ZoŽ, a powerful telekinetic and telepathic, has spent the last five years living in hell. Not only did the man she loved walk out on her when she needed him, but Kyle Morraine, forced a bit of his sick mind in hers. When Micah walks back into her life it is to tell ZoŽ that Kyle is not dead like she thought he was, but very much alive and after her. And Kyle still wants her. ZoŽ now must try to trust her feelings and Micahís to see if they can have a future together, that is if Kyle doesnít get to her first.

Tielle St. Clare brings readers into the lives of Kendra, hot shot financial advisor to the undead, and Brand, hot shot and stunningly sexy vampire in Vampires and Donuts. Kendra has one rule that she is trying her hardest to remember whenever Brand comes into her vicinity, say no to donuts and vampires. Unwillingly, that rule is definitely put to the test when a vampire out for Brand decides Kendra is the perfect solution to hurting him and tries to kill her. After Brand saves Kendra he decides it is about time to take the one thing that he has wanted for years, Kendra herself. Before they can fully explore their feelings for each other, danger decides to rear its head and their lives are now in more peril than before, not only due to the people after them but because one of them is no longer in control of themselves. Will they be able to survive?

Even a demon canít fight the effects of love. Karl Engelís job was to get Erin Collier to leave her position at the homeless shelter, and he was failing miserably. Not only was Erin one of the people who allow her heart to rule instead of her head, but also she is unbelievable openhearted when it comes to those that are down on their luck. It isnít until Erinís life is literally put in danger that Karl breaks the vows he made to his dark father. Erin is more important to him than anything else, even his soul. Margaret Carter brings an unbelievably heartwarming tale in Demonís Fall that proves even the forces of hell are no match when it comes to the game of love!

Jaci Burtonís Garden of Eden brings to life a story of love born in its purest form. Eden knew when she returned to Earth all would be different. War had finally ravaged the once beautiful planet, leaving it a barren wasteland devoid of life or any kind. It was up to Erin and the alien Adam to bring life back to the once fertile earth. Adam knows it is his duty to awaken the land that once bloomed with life, and it was his pleasure that Eden was the one that had to assist him to his mission. But returning to his life after he brings Earth back to life is looking more bleak to him than every before, because Eden will have to stay. Will love born between two beings of drastically different lives be able to flourish?

Reviewed in May 2005 by Angel.