by Rachel Carrington

May 2005
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Ever since Anna moved into her new apartment two weeks ago, she has been having strange, extremely erotic dreams. They affect her so much that she is losing sleep and fears that she is also losing touch with reality. In her dreams, Anna is brought so close to sexual completion by a faceless, nameless man. When she begs him to end her torture, he refuses, saying “Soon” and then disappears, only to return again the next night.

While her phantom lover has only visited her in her dreams, things are about to change. He’ll not only visit her in her wakeful day, but also finally complete that which she has been begging for. He’ll also leave breaking her heart. Will Anna find a way to be with her lover? Or will she finally believe that she has slipped over the edge of sanity to insanity?

Her Lover’s World is a fast paced, full story in only 88 pages. I have to tell you that I was shocked at the completeness of the story line in that little number of words compared to a “full” novel. Ms. Carrington writes a well thought out plot, world, and characters and is expertly able to compact them all into one smooth flowing, wonderful read. Anna is a smart woman who is certain that she has lost touch, yet also certain that what is happening to her is real. Her mystery lover is strong and powerful, yet he has the weight of his world on his shoulders. With heart wrenching emotion, a little help from the Fates, and passionate determination, this story shows that nothing can keep true soul mates apart.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Vikky.

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