by Steve Boiseman

April 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-156-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Lars Dax is on a mission to find his sister, Elenii. Having heard the news of his uncle’s death and sister’s abduction, Lars deserts his post and starts searching space for her. Following every lead brings Lars to the hell-hole known as Bawdy Town. There he meets a prostitute who claims to know where Elenii is. Lars wants to trust Mira, but knows every word from her mouth is a lie.

Mira has a hidden agenda. She needs to get to Velos to find out what the evil dictator there is planning to do. Using her psychic ability on Lars, Mira learns information she needs to convince him that Elenii is on Velos. Of course the best time to use her ability is when her “quarry” is having an orgasm. She’s looking forward to having one with this beautiful Corridian.

On Corridian Wings: Mira’s Deception is, of course the first in a series. This series is going to be very tied together, I believe, in that this first book ends with foreshadowing into the next. Lars has put his career and very life on the line to find his little sister. He is very honorable and determined. Mira has, as I’ve said, a hidden agenda that’s not really revealed in its full force to the reader. She is, however, very skilled in deception and lovemaking. At only 67 pages, On Corridian Wings: Mira’s Deception is a very good and very quick read. I’m going to be heading online to get Steve Boiseman’s next book in this series!

Reviewed in August 2005 by Vikky.

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