by Erin McCarthy

October 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0847-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Pastries. It seems an odd way to start a story about pregnancy but then, Erin McCarthy is definitely known for her unique stories. The Pregnancy Test is no different. When Mandy Keeling finds out she is pregnant, she doesn’t know what to do. She’s a twenty-something woman still living off her parents’ money and though she runs her own toy store, she doesn’t quite feel like the adult she is supposed to be. All that changes when Mandy discovers she is pregnant and the father of the baby bails on her. Suddenly, adulthood never looked so scary.

Mandy’s first step on the path to responsibility is to get a new job, one that offers insurance and day care. She applies to be Damien Sharpton’s assistant, only she hides the fact that she is pregnant from him. Mandy gets the job, but she also develops an insane crush on her boss.

Damien Sharpton, known as Demon Sharpton to his colleagues, is thrilled with his new assistant. She’s efficient, seemingly a workaholic like himself, and is up to all the challenges he throws at her. If only he wasn’t so intrigued by her perky personality and demure appearance. Damien has been hiding his heart for years and he has no plans to ever give it away again. He knows he shouldn’t, but he decides to invite her to go on a business trip with him to the Caribbean. It’s not the smartest move he’s ever made, considering how attracted he is to her, but something in Damien yearns to take a risk.

The Caribbean is warm, sunny and ever so relaxing for Mandy. Now if only she would stop having sex dreams about her boss, if only he would start acting like the ogre he was supposed to be. But the Caribbean has a magical effect on Mandy and Damien…an effect so intense that not even Mandy’s pregnancy can stop Damien’s desire for her. But what will happen when they get back to the real world?

The Pregnancy Test is another laugh-out-loud, erotic romance from Ms. McCarthy. I’ll admit, I was a bit turned off by how irresponsible Mandy seemed at the beginning of the book, but pregnancy really changed Mandy, for the better in fact. Though she still remained an optimistic and quirky heroine, she also quickly realized the magnitude of what pregnancy was going to do to her life and she made the changes necessary to create a safe world for her new baby. Damien comes as an added bonus into her life, and even though he’s carrying plenty of emotional baggage himself, they are able to build a strong friendship and then, an even stronger relationship together.

The Pregnancy Test is another must buy from Erin McCarthy. Damien’s response to Mandy’s pregnancy is too funny to miss and will surely bring a smile to your face as he develops the fears all new fathers must face when the woman they love is about to bring a baby into the world. Kudos to Ms. McCarthy for creating an entertaining book about the perils, pleasures, fears, and joys of pregnancy.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Sarah.

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