by Christina Dodd

October 2005
ISBN: 0-06-056112-2
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Mass Market Paperback

In her new book, My Fair Temptress, author Christina Dodd returns to her popular “Governess” series with a witty twist.

Caroline Ritter was the belle of London during her debut season. She received over a dozen offers of marriage and was the target of several abduction plots. She was probably the loveliest woman in England. Her world came crashing down around her when she was compromised by a married man. Thrown out of her father’s home, she has been working odd jobs for several families and living in a disreputable room in one of the city’s poorest districts. She is determined to survive without losing the rest of her self-respect. It is all she has left.

Summoned to the office of her employer at the Distinguished Academy of Governesses, Caroline wonders about her next assignment. Thus far she has proven to be a most inept employee. Her education has left her ill prepared for making an honest living. Her strengths lie in the social arena. Luckily, her mentor, Lady Bucknell, has the perfect assignment for her. The Duke of Nevett requires a tutor to help his son, Jude, obtain a bride - the sooner the better. He fears that a lack of social skills is keeping young ladies at arm’s length. He wants Caroline to instruct Jude in flirtation!

Jude Durant, the Earl of Huntington, is the last person who needs help with the ladies. He simply doesn’t have the time or inclination to jump at his father’s command to marry. He has more important matters to handle. The death of his older brother Michael in Moricadia changed his life. He is consumed with finding the men responsible and avenging Michael’s murder. His plan to infiltrate their group require him to don an innocuous facade. Beneath the outlandish clothes and inane fashion chatter, a warrior lurks, waiting for his opportunity.

My Fair Temptress is chock full of sparkling dialogue and entertaining vignettes as Caroline educates Jude in the fine art of flirtation. The pace is quick and the action well-paced. The other key characters add more charm to a delightful story, and an unexpected twist at the end may open the door for a future book. I will be looking forward to it.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Paula.

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