by Stella Cameron

April 1993
ISBN: 0-380-76607-8
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Mass Market Paperback

James St. Giles is bent on revenge. Promising on his fatherís deathbed that he would wreak havoc in Darius and Mary Godwinís lives, the people who had destroyed his fatherís life which resulted in his banishment from England, James is on a mission when he travels back to his homeland. Little did he know that Celine, the Godwinís daughter, would make it soooo easy for him to gain retribution.

Celine at nineteen is sheltered and innocent - though she can bargain with the best of tradesmen! Influenced by the good deeds that her very good friend, the Reverend David Talbot does, she hoards her pocket money to support charity by buying her dresses that have been used once by and from young ladies of the ton Ė from the description, Iím guessing at less than half the price! But when one awkward moment in a ball reveals her predilection for used clothing, Celine turns the ton on its ear by making ďoncersĒ fashionable! Thatís the kind of girl Celine is Ė resourceful and intrepid with very good intentions. James never had a chance! However, Celineís parents arenít model citizens, and have favored a certain older, oily, repugnant but rich gentleman for marriage to their daughter. Needless to say, Celine is looking to James to ruin her for marriage! Didnít I say Celine made it easy for James to seek revenge on the Godwins?

But no matter how over the top Stella Cameron gets, itís still incredibly entertaining. She doesnít exactly throw the reader red herrings, but rather takes one to James and Celineís happily ever after in a very convoluted engaging way. James is wonderful as an angry and lustful counterpart for Celine; and Celine is believably mature, not to mention ripe, for a nineteen year old. Even with these two lovebirds, it wouldnít be half as entertaining without the necessary secondary characters that support the story and help the reader enjoy the crazy Mad Hatterís ride.

His Magic Touch, for some odd reason, has a much smoother writing style than Ms. Cameronís recent works, thereby making reading this story fun and engrossing. With interesting and attractive characters, and lots of hot almost-sex (you have to read to find out!), His Magic Touch is a sure-fire pleasurable way to spend an afternoon! Itís on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in May 2002 by Veronica.

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