by Lucy Monroe

September 2005
ISBN: 0-425-20531-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Lucy Monroe has once again captured the essence of love and put that into a book that will keep you glued to your seat. Touch Me is the perfect title for this tender romance.

Twenty three years earlier Anna took her precious baby girl, Althea Johanna Selwyn, also known as Thea, and got out of London. If her husband learns of this babe’s birth he may take her away from her like he took her twin brother, Jared.

It is now 1815 and Thea must return to the London area. Someone is stealing from the shipping company she helps runs with her partner, someone she thinks of as an Uncle. Thea notices the irregularities in the books, but how can she go to London and still be able to protect her Uncle from the news? Her ships will not be going to London for weeks so she must find another way there. She would also like to keep a promise she made to her mother, Anna. Anna wants the journals she kept given to her son Jared so if he wanted to read them he would be able to. Her reasoning for this request is for Jared to know that she truly loved him and did not want to leave her first born.

Pierson Drake has a problem with his ship and it seems he is looking for the owner of Merewether Shipping, Mr. Ashby Merewether. He is hoping that Mr. Merewether will be able to direct him to the person or persons that can help him. Mr. Merewether cannot be located and Drake has declined Thea’s offer of help. Drake does not realize that Thea is part owner and she can answer any question or help him in the same way that her Uncle could. Finally Drake realizes, in order to get the help he needs, he will have to go to Thea and request it. When Thea realizes Drake is going to London and will arrive before Thea’s deadline, she makes him a deal. She’ll direct him to the person that can fix his ship but he must take her on as a passenger.

Once on board, Thea’s maid is taken ill and with the help of Drake and some homemade remedies she ends up sleeping a great deal in order to recover. Now Thea has no chaperon aboard the ship due to her maid's illness. Oddly Drake’s Aunt is there to help out. But who will protect her from the person trying to kill her?

Will Drake and Thea be able to fight the passion that they feel for each other? Who will seduce who? Will the outspoken young lady realize that once she hits the shores of London Drake has other plans? Will she want to be a part of them? What about Thea’s brother, Jared? Will he accept her? And the man who is her Father, will she be able to find forgiveness in her heart for him?

I enjoyed the strong character of Thea and the respect that Drake showed her. Will Lucy write more books on this family? I would love to hear about Jared! I enjoyed this book tremendously and would be happy to purchase a copy for my friends. As for my copy, it goes on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Theresa.

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