by Elizabeth Lane

May 2005
ISBN: 0373293542
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #754
Mass Market Paperback

Dutchmanís Creek, Colorado, 1884

With her head held high, and her back straight, prissy old maid schoolmarm Harriet Smith may not have had much in material possessions, but she had her pride and her principles. Harriet was determined to give her younger brother, Will, a college education. Therefore, Harriet scrimped and saved every cent she made. Unfortunately, Willís infatuation with wealthy town banker Brandon Calhounís spoiled daughter Jenny was throwing a monkey wrench in those plans. Both youngsters were determined to be together! When Calhoun approaches Harriet one day after school with an offer to pay for Willís education if he breaks it off with Jenny, Harriet is shocked at the manís gall! Even though the offer is tempting at first, the manís arrogance and attitude toward her and her hard working brother makes Harriet bristle, and she refuses to go along with Brandonís ploy. What a controlling son of a gun! How dare he tell her how to raise her brother or what to do?

Lifeís lessons had taught Brandon Calhoun well and molded him into the man he was today. Along the way Brandon had surmised that marriage wasnít all it was cracked up to be (it could be a living Hell). That is why Brandon has remained a widower for so many years. Raising a teenaged daughter by himself wasnít easy, and he was not going to let an uptight schoolteacher tell him how to conduct himself when it came to dealing with Jenny! Brandon was determined to stop his runaway daughter before she repeated his own mistakes from his youth with that no account brother of Harrietís! When did Brandon start to see Harriet in a new light? Underneath the faded old clothes, tight bun, and staid aura lay the beauty and grace of a warm, loving woman. Harriet also begins to assess her enemy differently when she sees beyond the hard-edged demeanor of Brandon to the caring father he is. Brandon would lay down his own life for the safety of his beloved daughter. This new awareness begins to turn sworn enemies into lovers!

Bring out the tissue box and grab a copy of Elizabeth Lane's Her Dearest Enemy! It is a heart-melting story of two lonely people who come from different social backgrounds and face numerous challenges and ordeals in trying to find a way to each otherís love. Not seeing eye to eye on how to deal with the elopement of their loved ones makes things difficult for these two strong minded and opinionated people, but helps in the end to build the love they find underneath the anger and pain caused by this. Her Dearest Enemy is one of the best and most poignant reads I have had in long time!

Reviewed in May 2005 by Bonnie.

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