by Beverly Barton

JUly 2005
ISBN: 0-8217-7687-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Beverly Bartonís latest release, Killing Her Softly is a fast paced suspenseful book. Fans of Ms. Barton will be up late into the night reading.

The Vanderley family is one of Mississippiís leading families. They have a vast fortune which dates back generations. They donate both their time and their money to causes that are near and dear to their heart. Life on the surface for the Vanderley family seems to be perfect. Itís only when tragedy strikes that the thin veneer of the family begins to break down, and could be exposed for public consumption.

Tragedy is nothing new to the Vanderleys. Annabelle has buried her parents, and her beloved fiancťe. When her younger cousin Lulu is murdered in Memphis it becomes her place to go to Memphis, claim the body, and be the family liaison with the police department.

The police are investigating, but have few leads. A young detective looking to make a name for himself is pushing to arrest the famous Quinn Cortez. Quinn was one of Luluís many lovers, and the man who discovered her body. He has no alibi for the time of Luluís murder, and the detective thinks plenty of motive.

Quinn knows he didnít murder Lulu, but he also knows that while heís a superb trial lawyer heís going to need assistance in proving his innocence. He is used to having only the best and decides to hire private investigator Griffin Powell. The only problem with this plan is that Annabelle has also decided to hire Powell to investigate Luluís death. Which client is Powell going to decide to help?

Powell decides to take a rather unique approach to Luluís case. He will only work on it if the two adversariesÖ.Quinn and Annabelle will allow him to work for both of them. Deciding itís the prudent thing to do they agree to his rather unusual terms, and the investigation begins.

As the story unfolds Quinn and Annabelle grow close. Annabelle is torn because sheís falling for a man the police suspect in more than one murder. Quinn is torn because heís got a reputation as a ladies man, and is sure that he will break Annabelleís heart. Do the feelings they have for one another truly exist or is it just adrenaline?

Ms. Barton is a masterful writer who has managed to achieve what few writers can do. She is able to blend the perfect combination of suspense and romance in her books. The secondary characters are fully developed, and well written. Killing Her Softly will keep readers fingers glued to the pages, and their eyes glued to the words. With the last turn of the page you will be anxiously awaiting her next release.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Sandi.

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