by Julie Ortolon

October 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21688-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

The middle installment of Julie Ortolonís newest trilogy is Just Perfect. It is the story of Christine Ashton and Alec Hunter.

As you may recall in the first installment of Ortolonís trilogy three friends have challenged each other to face their greatest fear. Christineís fear is heights. This has kept her from joining her family at their Colorado condo for many Christmas/skiing vacations. This year is different sheís determined to face her fear, conquer it, and as a result outdo her brother on the ski slopes.

Sheís just finished her residency as an ER doctor, and is in Colorado the week before her family is due to arrive. To achieve her goals she has hired a ski instructor, Alec Hunter. The first impression she has of Alec is one of a ski bum who doesnít have much money or ambition to make something of his life. She also must admit an instant attraction to the man.

Alec also jumps to conclusions about Christine, especially when she continually says no to his attempts to take their relationship off the ski slope and turn it into something personal.

Both Alec and Christine grew up in familyís that didnít quite approve of them. While Christine has lived her entire adult life trying to gain her fatherís approval, even becoming a doctor because her brother is. Alec has carved out a life for himself that doesnít require family approval, and is in fact far removed from them.

Will Alec and Christine be able to overcome their vast differences? Will Christine be able to truly live her life for herself, and accept the risk that love brings? Will one of them have to give up their dreams so that they may be together long term?

Just Perfect was in my opinion just about perfect. Just Perfect had sexual tension that one could feel jumping off the pages. Also included was a little bit of suspense when an avalanche occurs. When Alec and Christine consummate their relationship they discover a sexual freedom as they explore who they are as a couple.

This second installment in the Perfect trilogy had me wanting to stay up late(Iím a very early to bed person), and wanting to call in sick to my day job. Now if only I had the final story Too Perfect in my hands life would be nearly perfect for me!

Reviewed in September 2005 by Sandi.

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