by Marteeka Karland

April 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-133-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Mara is an Earth Doctor who is being sponsored by Dr. Mikkarn Tovel of the planet Gothe’mar to go to his planet for an exchange-type program. The idea is to hopefully improve healthcare for both planets by integrating more technology on Earth and more “hands on” medicine on Gothe’mar. This is very important to her as she has seen what Gothe’mar medical technology can do in saving lives and she wants that technology for Earth.

The first meeting between Mara, Mikkarn and his bodyguard Kiril is anything but smooth. Mara is trying to save the life of a man and she asks for help from Mikkarn but he truly has no idea what to do – he’s relied on technology for so long, he’s lost without it!

Mikkarn and Kiril, are totally unprepared for Mara and the feelings she arouses in them but they do nothing about them for two years! She doesn’t understand why they take woman after woman into their home week after week and totally ignore her, except at work. Mara, in the meantime, has started having very vivid erotic dreams featuring the three of them. She doesn’t realize the implication of these but both men know and set events in motion. She decided long ago that although these men mean a lot to her, her needs and wants are not as important as getting that technology, until one of them gets shot defending her.

Marteeka Karland’s Forbidden 2: Neighborhood Watch is an intriguing look into inter-planetary relationships and the journey these three strong-willed people embark on in order to get their heart’s desires with their soul-mates……but how can a person have more than one soul-mate? This is one spicy story sure to make you sweat!!!

Reviewed in August 2005 by PamL.

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