by Emilie Richards

July 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2198-3
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Sam Kinkade knows what it’s like to be a big city minister but never has he felt more at home than he does as the preacher for the small town of Toms Brook, Virginia. He might not have thousands of people watching him every Sunday morning on television but for the first time, he feels like he is really making a difference. Now if only he’d wise up and get rid of the big city girlfriend that makes infrequent visits to his new home.

Sam knows that his plans to welcome the local Hispanic residents of the area to his church will meet with some resistance from older members set in their way, however he has no idea just how far people will go to keep them away. It is in the midst of Sam trying to save the church’s new sign from vandals that he comes face to face with Elisa Martinez.

Elisa has come to Shenandoah Community Church in the hopes of getting the job as the new church sexton, however when she stumbles upon a group of young teens intent on destroying church property Elisa knows she has to do something to help. After the sign is saved from harm, Elisa and Sam quickly take the chance to appraise each other and realize they both like what they see. But Sam has the elegant fiancé still wearing his ring and Elisa is not looking to make any friends. The fewer people who know her, the less chance of anyone discovering that she’s living a lie.

After meeting Sam, Elisa’s life will never be the same. She soon finds herself with a new job, a new place to live, a car to drive and more than a handful of friends. She has even discovered a new past time with the help of her friend Helen – the art of quilting.

As Elisa sets out to settle into her new life, she still never gives up hope of one day finding the pieces of her past. What she doesn’t expect is to stumble into a piece of someone else’s past that will lead her to another new friend.

Much like a patchwork quilt, Endless Chain by Richards has pieced together a story that has blocks of many different pieces – romance, friendship, mystery and of course, the joys of quilting. Once completed, the blocks come together to form a story that will capture the reader’s heart.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Shelby.

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