by Crystal Green

April 2005
ISBN: 0-373-79183-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #179
Mass Market Paperback

Reporter Gemma Duncan is out to expose businessman Damien Therouix for his underground dealings. Therouix is rumored to be involved in many of the shady dealings that take place in The Big Easy and Gemma is just the reporter to catch him red handed and make a name for herself as a hard news reporter in the process.

Gemma goes undercover as a waitress in one of Damien Therouix’ restaurants. She never really expected that the boss would take a notice and a liking to her but what better way to expose him for the criminal he is than to get close to him?

Although he suspects that his new waitress isn’t exactly what she claims to be especially after he catches her tailing him through the French Quarter Damien can’t deny the attraction he feels for the lady. He decided to test her to see how far she is willing to go but who will end up deceiving whom in this sultry tale?

In Born To Be Bad Crystal Green has created a truly unique story for the hot Blaze line. Using the steamy setting of New Orleans as her back drop and a dark and dangerous bad boy as her very tempting bait the author soon has her readers along for the ride as investigative reporter Gemma Duncan tries to expose Damien Therouix for the criminal she thinks he is. Gemma and Damien prove to be a passionate and intriguing couple and the author treats her readers to many unexpected plot twists as they are drawn into this complex story line. Born To Be Bad is sure to be one of the hottest Blaze releases of the year.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Barbara.

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