by Amanda Quick

June 2002
ISBN: 0-553-80200-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books

The investigating and romantic partnership of Lavinia Lake and Tobias March continues on with Don’t Look Back. The story takes place a few weeks after Slightly Shady ended, and while March and Lake are still arguing and battling wits against one another, a new mystery—and romance—springs forth.

Lavinia welcomes an old friend of the family who is about to set up his mesmerism practice in London, when a few days later his wife is found murdered. Taking the case, Lavinia and Tobias soon find themselves entangled in a myth about an ancient and priceless piece of jewelry, the Medusa bracelet, which is thought to greatly enhance the mesmeric powers of the wearer. With loads of leads and even more dead ends, will Lavinia and Tobias find the killer…or will the killer find them?

Don’t Look Back can definitely stand alone, but seeing the relationships and characters history really gives an added touch, so I do recommend reading the previous story, Slightly Shady, first. Lavinia and Tobias are still going at it, and as an added bonus, there are two other romances in Don’t Look Back that you can look forward to. The relationship between the two leads takes a more “comfortable” turn, due largely in part of the housekeeper, and it’s a turn that I think you will most definitely like, well, Tobias did at any rate!

I talk mostly of the relationships mainly because the focus of the story, for me, is the characters. While the investigation is intriguing and somewhat baffling—I freely admit to never figuring out whodunit—and I can definitely appreciate the layered and interwoven plot, what I really want to find out is how the romance between the characters progress. So maybe the mystery wasn’t what grabbed me…the characters certainly did…and that’s just fine by me!

Reviewed in May 2002 by Thea.

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