by Candace Camp

July 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77062-6
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Trade Paperback

Author Candace Camp takes us back to Victorian England for another visit with those “Mad Morelands” in her latest book. Roguish wanderer Theo Moreland is unaware that his life is about to turn upside down.

Always much happier away from home, Theo has been in merry old England for an unusually long time, and has no immediate plans to embark on another one of his trips. Something is missing. His wanderlust seems to have diminished, leaving him content to find amusement among the ton’s salons and drawing rooms. He is not quite sure why he has no desire to leave again, but he is sure that something will come along to pique his interest.

Meanwhile, an ocean away, the Mulcahey family has a recent reminder of their son Dennis’ death. Deidre has seen him in a dream, begging for help. The Irish-American family has long despaired of bringing his killer to justice, but perhaps now the time is right. Megan, a successful journalist, decides that she should be the one to travel to England and investigate the decade-old allegations. When her father and sister demand equal opportunity, the three Mulcaheys set sail.

But how does one investigate a popular member of society? Surely not by knocking on his door and asking if he has killed someone! Megan’s skills at subterfuge will come in handy as she applies for the position of tutor to the youngest Moreland children. She doesn’t count on the immediate attraction that she feels for their handsome older brother, or the affection that quickly blooms with other members of this unconventional family.

An Unexpected Pleasure is not so unexpected after all. Ms. Camp has brought us a delightful story, as she generally does when visiting the Morelands. The sets of twins, menagerie of animals and perfect blend of intrigue, humor and romance tempt readers to finish the book in one sitting. Her ease at defining the various family members without rehashing past plots will bring a new reader right up to speed without boring those who have read the previous books. The pace is quick, the wit is sharp, and the mystery is not easily solved. A few surprises are in store for the lucky readers who will choose An Unexpected Pleasure for part of their summer reading list.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Paula.

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