by Mary Stella

August 2005
ISBN: 1932815406
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

When Dora Lee Morrison realizes her marriage was over she felt she had no future for herself. After fourteen years of marriage to J. Walter, he tossed her aside for a younger woman. Dora met Walter while she was an underwear model. When Dora married Walter she was deeply in love with him and that did not stop, but for Walter she was a trophy. She could pull a charity event together in no time at all. She was very good at doing what Walter needed done. There was one thing she could take from Walter that actually meant something to him. A fish he not only caught but also had it mounted to display on his wall. While she was removing it he threatens to call security, but that did not stop her at all, she had it when she left.

So where would Dora go now? She had no job, no experience or an outlook for a job. Dora did need to mend herself as well as move on. At the age of thirty-nine she would need to start a new life. The one place Dora could not get out of fast enough is where she knows she can go to mend her broken heart along with her low self-esteem. Her one family member that was still alive is her grandpa and also her best friend, Jo Jo. Grandpa still had the cottage that she once lived in. It needed to be cleaned up but it was work Dora needed. While doing that she had a great idea about changing all the cottages. She could make a living renting them out, as many people would travel to the Florida Keys. She would have to convince her grandpa of this idea. It would cost him nothing for she have her divorce settlement.

Bobby Daulton is Jo Joís brother and he has loved Dora since his teens. Dora has always put Bobby off because of the age difference. She would not hesitate to tell him he is just like a kid brother. But now he is thirty-two years old and he still wants Dora. Bobby owns charter boats. He is up and on the water by eight a.m. He is excellent at helping tourists find what they are looking for. The one nice thing is most of the fish are put back into the ocean.

Dora admits that Bobby makes her weak in the knees. She has some hang ups about herself. Will Bobby be able to help her realize that she is beautiful? Will Dora learn to accept unconditional love? What about the secret that is being kept? Who will open their big mouth in anger? Will Doraís ideas cause problems for her gramps tenants?

Mary Stella has written a tender unconditional love story. Key Of Sea kept me turning the pages until the end. I not only enjoyed the love story but the other relationships that were happening in the book. There are many more stories that Ms. Stella could write about this area of the Florida Keys. Itís a keeper for me!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Theresa.

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