by Candace Schuler

April 2005
ISBN: 0-373-79181-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #177
Mass Market Paperback

Jo Beth Jensen and Clay Madison are from two different worlds. Jo Beth has roots in the community as well as her ranch the Diamond J. Clay Madison is a cowboy whose body needs to heal. That is not the only reason he is in town though. Jo Beth and Clay will be best man and maid of honor for their friends wedding.

Jo Beth finds Clay to be a very sexy cowboy but she has sworn off cowboys. Since being dumped by one she thinks they are all alike. She is not only trying to get the wedding put behind her but she has big plans for her ranch. She has strategy of running her ranch but also having a place where people can stay to see how it all works. It will be called The Diamond J Dude Ranch and Family Resort. Jo Beth has put a lot of money and time into this and she is hoping to go far with this new business.

Clay Madison is a four-time Pro Rodeo bull rider champion. His recent ride, maybe his last ride if you ask his doctors, but Clay says he will go back. So in the meantime while he is healing he will be there for the summer. Being that Jo Beth is short of staff, due to cowboys and the rodeo Clay offered to help her out for a place to park his truck and trailer. At first Jo Beth was hesitant but when he said he would stay the summer she agreed.

Jo Beth and Clay are very attracted to each other. Jo Beth contemplated one night of sex but it turns out that is not true. She wants so much more of Clay! How will their relationship affect them working together? Will Jo Beth admit that even though Clay is a cowboy she will have to make the first major move and place their relationship where others can see it or will she let him leave and not look back? Are they ready to find love The Cowboy Way?

Candace Schuler wrote a very interesting story but I felt too much was spent on the wedding and not enough on the characters. I wanted to know more about Jo Beth and Clay.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Theresa.

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