by Candace Camp

June 1994
ISBN: 0-06-108029-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

Hunter Tyrrell returned from the civil war to discover the beautiful girl he loved had married another, but his heart still belonged to Linette despite the fact that he wanted to detest her.

Linette had married Benton, an older man who turned out to be mean spirited and cruel. She married him to give a name to her baby, but years later she discovered that her and Hunterís baby hadnít died as Benton had told her. Benton had given the child away.

Hunter and Linette begin a journey fraught with danger to find the daughter who had been stolen from Linette. They struggle to deny the passion that sparks between them.

Candace Camp invented strong characters when she invented the Tyrrell family. Hunter is drop dead gorgeous. No wonder Linette never forgot him.

The story is filled with tension and is a real page-turner. The reader will want this dynamic couple to get together again as destiny will have it no other way.

The passion and sexual chemistry this couple ignite make the pages leap out at the reader. Candace Camp proves that hate and love are akin with the feelings this couple have for each other.

Secondary characters like the evil Benton add rich colour to the story and the delightful Mary Margaret, with her mischievous ways, will make the reader want to adopt her! Then there is Rosemary, Bentonís daughter from his first marriage. She wants to try to love her father but really fears him. They all contribute to a great book.

This is one of Candace Campís earlier books but well worth a read. It is a great example of this popular authorís work. Treat yourself to a great read.

Reviewed in April 2005 by Mary.

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