by Dana Marton

July 2005
ISBN: 0-373-22859-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

When Sheik Saeed discovers an unconscious western woman in the desert near a cave sacred to his ancestors, he finds her presence more than suspicious. Her camouflage uniform has no markings, so he surmises she’s not in any military but part of some kind of mercenary unit.

Could she be working for the people who had stolen part of his clan’s ancient treasure from the cave? Or was she hired by the royal family, members of which are trying to assassinate him?

Saeed is sure of one thing only: he’s not letting the beautiful stranger go until he gets answers to his questions.

He demanded to know her identity after she felled his attacker with deadly precision. But Dara Alexander feigned amnesia rather than reveal the truth to this blue-eyed Bedouin: she was an American soldier…behind enemy lines. For all she knew, this man was her greatest threat. Sheik Saeed ibn Ahmad was no nomad, she would learn at his desert encampment, but a powerful royal, the target of assassins. Suddenly, his protection became her assignment — an arrangement Saeed refused. Because she was a woman, Dara assumed. And she was right. But Saeed wanted her…to cherish and defend.

Dana Martin brings us a fantastic tale of dange and intrigue, passion and adventure. Nothing says adventure like the desert and Dara and Saeed surely heat things up many degrees in their battle to trust each other and love one another for who and what they are.

This is a true keeper for your romance treasures.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Debbie.

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